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Introduction of RBC.cn

www.rbc.cn 2009-07-08 11:06:18 來源:北京廣播網

RBC.cn was founded in August 22, 2001. It is the official website of RBC for external publicity, a platform where network users can get information about RBC directly.

RBC.cn has 26 channels and over 200 secondary pages at present. The click rate of it is more than 5 million every day. According to authoritative research and survey of Alexa, in the first half of 2008, the averageranking of RBC.cn was around 3,300 in the world, and the best ranking reached 2,881; compared to the 18 comparatively influential media websites, such as Xinhuanet.com, People's Daily Online, Ifeng.com, CCTV.com, YNET.com, RBC.cn ranked eight to ten, and has always be the best one of the broadcast media websites.

The guideline of RBC.cn is "Outstand audio, assure video, expand picture and article". The pursuant goal of RBC.cn is making use of RBC’s advantage of brand and characteristics of resources, striking the path of personality, establishing a unique network publicize platform which integrates audio and video, interactive network into.

"Listening Bar" and "Bobo Video" is the star channels of RBC.cn; in addition, the programs of News, Host, Webblog, Podcast, Qmoon Internet Radio and other channels are also brilliant. Combined with internet, broadcasting program has overcome its fleeting weakness, making it possible to listen to the programs discretionarily, even look and listen in the same time.

RBC.cn has two professional IDC machine rooms, Tianjin machine room has 500MB bandwidth exclusively, with China Telecom, China Netcom, China Unicom, China Mobile, CERNET, and other optical fibers accessing, which make the entire network Interconnected. It also has professional firewall, load balancing equipment, CISCO exchange of high-performance equipment, and adopts high-speed security NAS storage systems. Beijing Netcom machine room is in the backbone nodes of China Netcom, sharing 100MB bandwidth exclusively.

Today, RBC.cn is making efforts to be an independent Internet media. In the past two years, the website, performed as an independent media, lived the live video interviews, kinescoped and played programs on the Internet during the NPC & CPPCC session of Beijing. Through providing high-quality audio and video resources, RBC.cn has established a good cooperative relationship with domestic media websites and commercial websites.

Collette the distillate of nine radios, develop the advantage of e(one) internet, RBC.cn is working together to build its brand, and working hard to be an outstanding service website especially providing professional audio and video programs.





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